Monthly Teleseminars for Coaches

On the last Thursday of each month, I hold a free Teleseminar on important topics for coaches. Listed below are previous calls, all here for you to download—absolutely FREE.

Book Publishing

Overcoming the Obstacles to Getting Your Book or eBook Written Published and Promoted – 1:01
1. How to pick a topic that will attract your ideal reader and your ideal client
2. How to write your book quickly and painlessly in 90 days or less
3. How, as a coach, you can figure out if self-publishing or searching for a traditional publisher is the best option for you and your business
4. What bestselling authors know about selling lots of books

Business Strategy

Crowdfunding for Life Coaches
In this session I’ll be interviewing an expert about Crowdfunding: the new social-media-driven path to raising money and becoming a successful entrepreneur and whether or not it makes sense for Life Coaches. Dave Lavinsky is a successful serial entrepreneur who has been tagged as the “Business Planning Expert” by Businessweek.

Secret Call
On this call I tell you what I learned recently about website design, driving traffic, nurturing leads, converting leads to clients, and a ton more. The call may be some what advanced or technical at times but I guarantee you will get one or 2 ideas from this call which will help you grow your business.

How to Guarantee Your Book or Product Will Sell (Secrets for Coaches Only)
60% of new products fail when launched, and 80% of books never sell more than 250 copies. And these are great books and products with healing work locked inside—but it’s work that won’t be seen because the creator didn’t know how to guarantee upfront that it would sell. In this session, I’ll teach you 5 tips to guarantee your product will sell. You do not have to use all of these tips—even using just one could be the difference between a bust and a bonanza.


Building blocks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Life Coaches – :59
Learn how to improve your ranking on Google (and other search engines) so more people come to your website and ultimately join your list and become clients. This is a beginner’s class. You don’t need to know anything about marketing, SEO, web design, or anything technical to participate in this class.
1. What is SEO and why you need it
2. How to pick effective keywords for your SEO efforts
3. 3 crazy-simple things you or your webperson can change on your site today to improve your ranking
4. What you need to know about blogs and newsletters
5. Shady tactics (sometimes called “black hat” techniques ) you need to be aware of

Looking for the morning call? Note: this call is missing a five minute intro due to technical difficulties, but you can download the Morning Call here.

An EFT Primer: Tapping for Coaches – 1:00

Alina Frank uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also sometimes called tapping therapy) to help her clients transform their relationships, relieve chronic pain, correct emotional challenges, and improve money problems. What you will learn on this call is:
1. What EFT is and how tapping works both scientifically and practically
2. How, as a coach, you can identify clients who might be stuck in a particular way that is ideal for EFT.
3. How EFT can release you from blocks with your business, difficult clients, or other challenges.
4. How to become certified in EFT and/or find a like-minded EFT trainer to partner with

An Extra Hour in the Day: How to Find and Manage a Virtual Assistant – 0:43
With a little guidance, you too can spend as little as $10 and free up more time to work, go to the gym, and most importantly have more time with your family without constantly being burdened with your most boring, repetitive, and time-intensive tasks. I can provide you with the essential skills to find a great virtual assistant who produces excellent work, speaks fluent English, and turns around projects quickly—and teach you how to get the most out of your new helper so you can buy yourself that elusive extra hour in your day.

Social Media

Why You Aren’t Effectively Using Social Media to Build Your Business And What You Can Do About It – 0:59
This is an open forum to ask any question you have about social media for your Life Coaching practice. Session is open to non-coaches who have careers that help make the world a better place!

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Social Media but Were Afraid to Ask – 1:18
Here are some questions the free session will answer the following questions:
1. What’s the difference between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?
2. How am I supposed to have time to keep all these social media sites updated?
3. Do I absolutely need to be active in social media to be successful?
4. Can I just outsource social media to an assistant of some sort? And if so, who?
5. What’s the bare minimum commitment I need to make to try this out?
6. Is social media really just a big waste of time? (hint, the answer to this one may surprise you!)
7. Do I have to have separate accounts for work and for business?
8. Am I going to make a fool of myself online?
9. What should I do first?
10. How come some people can make it look so easy?

Social Media Q and A – 1:05
* 3 secrets social media experts know, but don’t want you to know!
* How to crack the code with the big 3 social networks—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
* 3 Social Media personality archetypes—once you understand which you are, you’ll know what to do next!

Free Publicity

How to Quit Marketing and Get Your Message Out To More People – Two Parts
Join me and other guests who poured our hearts out at the National Publicity Summit this month in New York City. We were busy promoting new books and products to Good Morning America, Today, The View, Anderson, and about 90 other TV, radio, print, and web publications.  The feedback from the summit was amazing and we’re here to share with you the shortcuts we learned about getting media to cover you and using that coverage to help you grow your business.

Part 1: 1:03
Join me, and Journey Grrrl partner Cathryn Whitman (Genius Hour Magazine) and Erika Isler (Co-Instructor Media School for Coaches).

Part 2: 1:00
Join me, and Journey Grrrl Authors Sallie Felton (If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Get Rid of This Clutter ) and Ali Cudby (Busted! The FabFoundations Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter, and Feel Fantastic).

Establishing Yourself as an Expert without a Book, Well-Known Brand, or Even a Website – 0:53
Listen to my interview with Barb Goldberg who took a major step forward in establishing herself as an expert by getting media coverage. Barb and I have an informal conversation where she gives you the inside scoop of attending the National Publicity Summit. If you are considering trying to get free publicity for your business through the media you’ll want to hear what Barb says.

How to Get Free Publicity AND How to Use it to Build Your Brand & Client Base – 0:53
One of the single best ways to get known is through free publicity. In this session we’ll talk about how to craft a pitch and how to find producers and editors to sell your story to, and I’ll share some secrets to getting media coverage that very, very few people know! How do I know? My housemate is a senior producer with a major network!