Facebook Group in 5 Steps

DOWNLOAD: Creating a Facebook Group

Many people ask me how they can email or send a message to a set of their Facebook friends—or maybe all of them—without having to click on each name or jump through other creative hoops. For example, I might want to share a ton of vacation pictures with my close family and friends but only put a couple favorite pictures on my main page.  I might want to invite Life Coaches and writers I know to a Social Media seminar but not confuse my high school friends or invite a million unrelated questions. Or maybe I want to keep in regular contact with some other people from the PTA who are planning a school auction with me without getting bogged down in email. With Facebook groups (as of October 2010) this is now possible.

Groups are invitation-only and the default setting is Closed, which means only members see what’s going on in a group.

Here’s how Mark Zuckerberg explains it:

“From [Groups], you can quickly post photos, make plans, and keep up with ongoing conversations. You can also group chat with members who are online right now. You can even use each group as an email list to quickly share things when you’re not on Facebook. The net effect is your whole experience is organized around spaces of the people you care most about.”

Sound good? Well here are 5 simple steps to create Groups. Good luck!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Creating a Facebook Group