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Our mission is to change the world with words—one reader at a time. Our products are holistic and practical. We engage readers analytically but we lead with our hearts.

Life Coaches know how to create miracles and change lives. They are modern day Sherpas and Shamans. In this section we offer free tools to exponentially expand the change Coaches, writers, body workers, and others like them are bringing into the world.

With gratitude for your work, you’ll find in this section a few of the many free gifts we offer including:

PR Tips for Coaches – Advice for Coaches who want to grow their business with Free Publicity

eBook: Guide to Hiring and Managing a Virtual Assistant – Finding a virtual assistant can be hard, but managing one is often harder. It’s easy to blame your VA, but the first place to look to solve the problem is in the mirror. This book will provide the foundation you need to get real help.

Self Publish or Find a Publisher? “Decision” Tool Kit – Considering self-publishing? Thinking about paying a publisher? Want to go the traditional publisher route? This kit gives you everything you need in order to pick the right publisher for your project.

Must-Know Social Media Tools – Most Coaches don’t know where to start when it comes to social media. This handy reference guide tells you all you need to know to identify which technology you need to learn to get to the next level.

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