Social Publishing

Crowd-Sourced editing.

Monthly Lead generation.

Fan Satisfaction.

Social Publishing is a new way to release a book one chapter at a time, giving the reader and the author time to share ideas before the book is officially published.

With Social Publishing, as each chapter is written it goes online on the author’s site, and it is also syndicated through social media, through the author’s site, a custom book site, and through Journey Grrrl Publishing digital library sites for 30 days. In exchange we ask readers for feedback—essentially crowdsourcing the editing.

Every 30 days a new chapter is released and, as the next chapter goes up, a virtual assistant assembles all the feedback into a tidy package for the author to do a rewrite at his or her leisure but before final publication.

When all chapters are up, the parcels of feedback are incorporated by the author, front matter is added, a Bonus Material chapter is created, and a quick final edit is completed. (Since the editing has been crowdsourced, the final edit is just to clean up inconsistencies or errors but not as a rethink of the book.) The bonus material could be compiled blog posts, a bonus tool, a piece of creative writing by the author—something not found online for free and something that makes us feel close to the author personally. Best of all, all contributors, whether their edits or suggestions were used or not, are listed in the print book and are offered a Specially-Bound, Autographed copy of the book at a discount, as well as the opportunity to buy in bulk at a discount if they want to take advantage of it.

Once the book is complete, a PDF of the whole unedited book is available at the end of the creation period until the final edited book is complete. The final edit takes another 30-60 days. So, the publication of a 10-chapter book will take 11-12 months. During that 30-60 day waiting period, the print book with bonus material is available as a pre-order throughout the process for about $10 (shipping included).

Life Coaches are unique as authors because, while they do want their voices heard as all authors do, they also use their writing as a lead generation tool—whether it’s to grow their client base, increase their hourly rate, expand their business into more passive income streams, or just to reach more people with their message. Therefore, what’s most important for Life Coach authors is to develop great, meaningful, actionable content and to distribute it as widely as possible to prospects. Common distribution techniques make this difficult; social media makes it easy.

On March 17, 2011, Susan Hyatt’s book, Create Your Own Luck, 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On became the first socially published book. Drop me a note if you’d like to learn more about how you can take your time, create the book you want, involve the community in the birthing of your baby, get much of the value of being an author from the day the first chapter goes live, and increase your chances of your book going viral tenfold.