Equi-Publishing: How it Works

Journey Grrrl Publishing is proud to announce the opening of their equi-publishing offering for enlightened authors and readers. This is the first publishing company in the world that offers selected first-time authors the chance to publish their work quickly and with no up-front expense. Every other publishing option on the market puts the risk on either the publisher or (more often) the editor. This new method of equi-publishing is fair all around, minimizes the risk for all involved, and makes it possible for important voices to be heard.

What is equi-publishing and how is it different?

There are many ways to get a book published. Generally the following are the 3 most common publishing options:

  • The first is to get picked up by a large publishing company that will pay you an advance (normally $5–$15K for first time / unknown authors). You are responsible for marketing the book (many recommend using the advance for this purpose) and, if you sell out the first print run, you will begin to receive royalities of about 10% or $1–$2 per book sold.
  • The second option is to self-publish. If you choose to self-publish with a company like LuLu or Create Space, the nice thing is it will not cost you very much up front—a couple hundred dollars at most. The book is only printed as it is sold, so you don’t have to pay for a print quantity. You get paid $4–$8 per book (it’s a roughly 60/40 split), but you don’t get an advance and you still need to do all your own marketing to sell the book. You also have to pay a book designer, editor, and coder to get the book ready to be published. You don’t have the distribution and some of the other advantages you get with a large publishing company. If you don’t use a print-on-demand service you also have to pay up front for the printing of the books.
  • The third option is subsidy publishing. This is when the author pays all the costs of administration, printing, and marketing up front. He or she receives a small royalty on future book sales—but because of limited marketing and distribution, rarely is a royalty paid.

Equi-Publishing turns the unfair paradigm of getting a book published on its head. The author takes the risk by writing a book and entrusting usage of that book to Journey Grrrl Publishing. Journey Grrrl Publishing takes a risk by fronting the money and staff for publishing and marketing the book. Here’s how it works:

1)       Journey Grrrl accepts an author’s submission. (Final acceptance requires full book delivery.)

2)       Journey Grrrl works with the author to develop and price a marketing plan with specific sales targets.

3)       A contract is created and, once signed, Journey Grrrl begins administration of publishing including:

a.        Cover design (front/back and spine)

b.       Interior design and layout

c.        Image preparation (resolution and reproduction quality)

d.       Back cover copy & other marketing copy

e.        Copyediting, proofreading, indexing

f.        Assigning an ISBN / barcodes (see note below)

g.       Library of Congress & copyright registration

h.       eCommerce setup

i.         Fulfillment/shipping of orders

j.         Other needs specific to marketing plan

4)       Journey Grrrl and author begin distribution and marketing of book with all proceeds going to Journey Grrrl until costs and fees are fully paid in conjunction with the contract.

5)       Once the contract obligations are fulfilled, author begins to receive quarterly royalty split which has been pre-negotiated in the contract.