Publishing Programs

Journey Grrrl Publishing has 3 primary publishing programs in addition to the “So Smart” series:

Social Publishing
Publish your book on the Journey Grrrl Social Publishing Platform very quickly! We encourage coaches to write and coach and we take over the production, technology, distribution, and even help with the marketing. For more information on how to have your title published as an eBook alone or also in print, check out this page on how a Life Coach can get published.

This is the first publishing company in the world that offers selected first-time authors the chance to publish their work quickly and with no up-front expense. Every other publishing option on the market puts the risk on either the publisher or (more often) the editor. This new method of equi-publishing is fair all around, minimizes the risk for all involved, and makes it possible for important voices to be heard.

Digital Library Project
Journey Grrrl Publishing is building the world’s largest collection of Free eBooks written by Life Coaches and we want your book. Nope, there’s no catch. I know how much time goes into creating a book or an eBook, and I know any author who takes the time to do that work wants the world to hear his or her message. Get the details on how you can make your Free eBook available in this library today!