Let’s get your message out in the world


Publicity is the best way for coaches to quickly magnify their footprint in the world, but getting it does take a bit of effort. Some coaches feel like they would rather be coaching than getting press and so they “rent” a publicist to promote their product or service.

If you have a book, event, project or product you are launching and want a publicity push, consider hiring the Journey Grrrl team. We are experienced with publicity because we do it for the books we publish.

Here are some examples of our success to date:

  • Placement in national magazine
  • Local morning show appearance
  • 38 radio interviews
  • 2 local news print interviews
  • Interviews with 7 influential blogs
  • Guest blog posts on 12 sites
  • Teleseminar with over 100 attendees co-promoted with
  • Viral Video with over 350,000 views in a week

Our campaigns generally include a wide distribution press release to 1,500+ media pros, 10 custom pitches (email/phone/twitter), responding to editorial calendar requests (like HARO, or Reporter Connection) for the duration of the campaign, and a copy of my Media School for Coaches (or a $447 credit if you have already purchased it)* so you can leverage what we get going for future campaigns.

This is a time and labor intensive effort because it requires deep knowledge of you, your business, and what we are promoting in addition to the PR efforts. As such it is not an inexpensive commitment. The cost of the program does depend on the size of the campaign but a typical book, product, or event launch costs $2,500.

Ready to go? Drop us a line.


Journey Grrrl Publishing, a division of Becoming Journey, LLC | 6600 2nd St. NW | Washington DC 20012 USA | 860-JRNY-GRL | [email protected]

* This credit is ONLY available to folks who have enrolled in The Media School for Life Coaches. Sorry, no optional refund if you don’t want the program. If you aren’t familiar with the program, I’ll ask you to take at least a quick run through it in order to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

Refund Policy
Journey Grrrl Publishing will replace any defective product within 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days all sales are final.