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“Attention Life Coaches:

Make a Bigger Impact on the World & Attract New Clients By Getting Thousands
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My turn-key Free Publicity System for Coaches

gets you written-up in newspapers and magazines, and interviewed on radio/TV
shows without having to hire a publicist… or your money back!

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Hi Coach,

You know I am passionate about coaches getting press, but do you know why? I believe my mission is to help people who are changing the planet do it faster, more efficiently, and more authentically.

Just imagine what would happen if you or your
coaching practice were ten times more famous than you are right now—if ten times more
people knew who you were and what you did?

You would have TEN times more impact, TEN times more influence, and TEN times
more fun.

You’d have people beating a path to
your door to buy what you’re promoting. More people would be telling their
friends and family about you. They’d be going to your website, following you on Twitter,
and liking you on Facebook.

But that’s not all.

You see, the more famous you and
your coaching practice become, the more people are willing to pay to learn from you. Actually, promoting yourself is also a gift you give to all coaches because the more famous you are the more mainstream coaching becomes.

Imagine being able to fill every class and coaching spot without having to spend time marketing, and having people be excited to have the opportunity to pay you for what you can teach them.

That’s the power of fame and it
works whether you’re a rock star, a Life Coach, a rockstar Life Coach or anything
in between.

Why you need to cultivate your own “celebrity” status

People love celebrities. They
want to meet them, dine with them, learn from them, and buy from them.
People will always pay more money to somebody who’s famous than somebody who isn’t.
That’s why Oprah’s All-Stars get paid over $200,000 to give a one-hour speech. Are they
the world’s best coaches? Maybe or maybe not, but they certainly are the most well-known.

Why Publicity Can Make “Miracles” Happen

It’s FREE! Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a penny to
get publicity. Did you know, for example, you can find almost anyone in the media
on Twitter? If you know how to write a good pitch, you can easily get their
attention and get thousands even millions of dollars worth of coverage without
spending ANY money!!

Plus, publicity is more believable than
When you say

what a great coach you are, it’s an ad. But when someone in
the media does, it’s “editorial.” People nowadays are more skeptical than ever, and
just saying you are changing the world with your work doesn’t cut it. But nothing will help you change more lives than showing potential clients what the media says about you.


when you get a story somewhere, it leads to another and another. That’s
because the media like to cover things that everybody’s talking about. Not so
with an ad! Is anyone ever going to reprint your ad for free? No way!

Right this minute, more than 100,000 journalists and
producers are looking for stories to write about and people to interview – why
shouldn’t they write about YOU?

How would you like to sell
something that people absolutely HAD to buy? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s the situation people in the
media are in.

Every single day, they have to
“buy” an idea for a story or segment. They’re on deadline. They absolutely MUST
have something which will be of interest to their readers. They’re going to
“buy” from someone. They’re going to find someone to write about.

All you need to do is to show them
why you should be the one they pick today, this week, this month.

ANYONE Can Get Publicity
and I Mean You!

I’ve got some very good news for you.

In order to get publicity…


  • You don’t need to have the #1 coaching practice!

  • You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable expert!

  • You don’t need to have written a book (though it can help)!

  • You don’t need to have gotten publicity before!
    • Actual examples of PR copy that works for coaches—emails, letters, and press releases. You won’t find information on getting publicity so targeted to coaches anywhere else
    • Actual examples of what to say and do during media interviews to maximize sales.
    • So Smart (TM) Templates for Writing Press releases and Pitch Letters to the media.
    • Checklist of mistakes to avoid so the media don’t look at you as a total newbie—or, worse, ban you!
    • Proven tactics for getting press that even many professional publicists don’t know.
    • Magic phrases that will unlock the door to producers’ and editors’ hearts when you use them as headlines in your press releases and PR pitches.
    • Exactly what to do to launch your publicity campaign in under an hour!
    • Don’t get fooled by people you hire to get publicity.
      Make sure that anyone you ever hire to get you publicity is doing everything possible.
    • Secrets to getting media coverage that very, very few people know!
  • The one thing you do need is
    something of interest to share with their readers/listeners. If you can just
    show them what you could talk about that would be of interest to their
    audience, you’ll get booked!

    If You Know Enough To Answer People’s Basic Questions,
    You Have Enough Expertise to Start Getting Publicity

    Do you spend some of your time each day giving advice to
    your clients or answering your prospects’ questions? Then you know enough to
    start getting publicity.

    Maybe you don’t know everything there is to know
    about your topic. But you certainly know more than the average person.

    Why am I uniquely qualified to help you attract
    the publicity to grow your brand and change more lives? Glad you asked!

    Since 1994 I’ve helped more entrepreneurs, spokespeople,
    authors, and experts actually build their businesses with online marketing.
    More than 500 people with something to promote have received
    marketing and communications advice from me and my wonderful staff.

    I’ve helped people just like you create products, write books, set up websites, and get stories about themselves on TV, on the radio, and in print.

    Introducing Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches. It’s everything you need to start get your message to millions of
    people through “Free Advertising” on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and

    This Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches can help you get yourself or your
    business written up anytime anywhere. It’s like me taking you by the hand and walking you through
    step-by-step to get publicity for whatever you’re promoting.

    Here’s what you get:

    Try out my
    Publicity for Coaches kit
    . If it doesn’t bring you many thousands of
    dollars worth of free publicity in the next year – just send it back for a
    full refund.

    My system includes all of the following:

    Component #1 — Journey Grrrl’s So Smart (TM) Publicity Manual for Coaches -– a complete, step-by-step guide that takes you by the
    hand, assumes you know nothing about publicity, and gets you up and running in under an hour.
    I’ve poured in everything I know from more than 16 years of helping
    people be grow their brands and attract media attention. This is not something you’ll need to read cover to cover. After the first few pages, you’ll be off and running, able to skim,
    find, and implement the techniques that will be most appropriate for what you
    want to do.

    I’ll show you the best ways to contact the media, how to
    build an effective media list for free, the best ways to send your press
    releases out, and instances in which you are better off NOT using a press
    release. I’ll show you actual examples of articles written
    about entrepreneurs and reveal the “hidden” reasons why the article was
    written. My Free Advertising and Publicity Power Kit Manual will
    pull back the curtain and reveal secrets that many professional PR pros
    don’t even know and that
    anyone can use to get tons of free media exposure.
    Component #2 — So Smart (TM) Press Releases and PR Pitch Letters: 10
    Templates for PR Copy That Gets You In Print and On the Air
    — you do NOT have to be
    a good writer to get the media interested in you. I’ve taken proven press release
    formats and created fill-in-the-blank templates for you to use. Have a new product
    you’re launching? There’s a template for that. Want to get on a very specific
    TV show? Use the TV pitch letter template. Book coming out soon? Check out the book release template
    Component #3 — So Smart (TM) Hooks & Pegs: 100 of the Greatest Publicity
    Strategies, Hooks, and Headline Formulas for coaches.
    Ever flip around the TV
    channels and see a TV host say something like “What you don’t know about your drinking water, and how it might kill you…tonight at 11.” That simple phrase is an example
    of a hook. It’s a teaser which gets the audience to watch a bunch of commercials
    and stay tuned. I’ve talked to dozens of producers and editors. Would you like to know what they say is the biggest
    key to getting on their shows? The answer is to give them the hook. Don’t blather
    on about how you are changing the world, how great your new book is, how long you’ve been doing it, or even why
    what you have to say is important. Instead, give them the idea for a segment which they could
    do around YOU. Most people royally mess this up even when they try. But I make sure
    my clients never do.

    That’s because I give you actual fill in the blank templates
    to create winning hooks. Think about it. Maybe, you could pitch the media on “3 Ways ____ Helped a______ with _____ to _____.”
    Plus you’ll get also receive three two special bonuses: 

    Special Bonus #1
    — Recording of an interactive class with a major network producer who has worked on local and national shows. Listen in as she critiques pitches live and you’ll learn how producers think and make decisions. You get suggestions for finding producers and what to

    say once you’ve got their ear. She’ll also teach you how to make sure you are pitching the right person and she’ll tell you what physical attributes producers assess first.

    Special Bonus #2
    — Two 30-Minute One-On-One
    Consultations to Review Your Press Materials and Develop Your Strategy —
    Want feedback on your press releases and pitch letters? Want an
    experienced publicity pro to give you guidance on how to implement your first
    campaign? You’ll get two 30-minute one-on-one consultations via
    telephone with me. Yours free when you
    click here to test drive my Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches.

    Special Bonus #3
    — There is so much in this kit you might feel overwhelmed, but good news! You don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to!
    Just give my kit to a virtual assistant and he or she will be able to follow my step-by-step system to get your publicity throughout the year for a fraction of what a PR firm would charge you. In this bonus you’ll get a recording and a written guide for finding and

    managing a great virtual assistant.

    I get paid $250.00 an hour for consulting. My Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches contains over 100 hours of my best advice, insider strategies and
    proven techniques culled over 16 years of experience. So what do you think it’s

    Publicists and PR firms typically charge anywhere from
    $10,000 to $10,000 or more, and my system will help you get better results—whether you use it yourself from time to time, have an employee use it, or get
    a virtual assistant.

    I’m proud to offer you the Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches for less than even the $250 I charge for an hour of consulting. The regular price is just $347 but as a registrant of the Press for

    Coaches Teleseminar and a friend of Journey Grrrl Publishing, you can get your copy for just $197 and I’ll even pay for shipping.

    Click here to grab your copy of Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches at over 40% off..

    I want you to see for yourself how easy it is to get
    publicity when you simply create a good hook around what you’re promoting and
    send it off to the media. That’s what my Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches will do for
    you. But I’m not going to stop there.

    I’m going to give you three special bonuses which include two
    private consultations with me:

    My 100% money back guarantee means you have nothing lose and plenty of media coverage and money to gain!

    Here’s my promise to you:
    Test drive my
    Complete Kit to Free Publicity for Coaches
    and if it doesn’t bring
    you significantly more money than you invested then simply return it any time in
    the next year for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose
    and everything to gain.

    That’s how confident I am that you’ll get in print and on
    the air when you follow my simple process. Don’t forget….just ONE idea, ONE
    contact, or ONE press release can change everything for you.

    Click here now to give this Free Publicity for Coaches System a try.

    Looking forward to seeing you in print and on the air,



    Publisher & Publicity Strategist for Life Coaches

    P.S. Remember, publicity works better than advertising!

    This system costs less than a single ad in almost any newspaper or magazine.

    It’s quite possible you’ll get your entire investment back the first time you use it.

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