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“Did You Know You Can Make a Bigger Impact without Much Extra Work By Using the Media to Get Your Story Out?”

Greetings Fellow Life Coach,

Media School for Life CoachesIf you know anything about me, you know I am passionate about helping coaches magnify their footprint in the world.

My personal mission in life is to help people like you who are changing the planet to do it faster, more efficiently, and more authentically. One of the single best ways to do that is by getting press.

Do you know why?

Just imagine what would happen if you and your coaching practice were ten times more famous than you are right now – if ten times more people knew who you were and what you did.

You would have TEN times more impact, TEN times more influence, and probably even TEN times more fun!

You’d have people beating a path to your door to see what you’re promoting—and lots of them will buy, sure, but even those who don’t will have access to tools and knowledge that will push them further and faster on their journey of healing, wholeness, and happiness. As they read or watch stories about you, more people would tell their friends and family about what they saw. They’d go to your website, follow you on Twitter, and “like” you on Facebook.

But that’s not all.

It goes without saying that the more famous you and your coaching practice become, the more people are willing to pay to learn from you. But promoting yourself through the media is much more than a path to revenue, it’s a gift you give to other coaches because the more famous you are, the more mainstream coaching and the tools we coaches use become.

As more people start to understand the power of thought work and goal setting, demand for coaches will increase.

Imagine being able to fill every class and coaching spot without having to spend any time marketing. Just post the event and viola! people will sign up, excited to have the opportunity to pay you for what you can teach them.

That’s the power of publicity and it works whether you’re a rock star, a Life Coach, a rockstar Life Coach or anything in between.

Here’s why you need to cultivate your own “celebrity” status

People love celebrities. They want to meet them, dine with them, learn from them, and buy from them. People will always pay more money to somebody who’s famous than somebody who isn’t. That’s why Oprah’s All-Stars get paid over $200,000 to give a one-hour speech. Are they the world’s best coaches? Maybe or maybe not, but they certainly are the most well-known.

Publicity Can Make “Miracles” Happen – Here’s how:

  1. Publicity is FREE! – Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a penny to get publicity. Did you know, for example, you can find almost anyone in the media on Twitter? If you know how to write a good pitch, you can easily get their attention and get thousands even millions of dollars worth of coverage without spending ANY money!!
  2. Publicity is more believable and more authentic than advertising. When you say what a great coach you are, it’s an ad. But when someone in the media does, it’s “editorial.” People nowadays are more skeptical than ever, and just saying you are changing the world with your work doesn’t cut it. But nothing will help you change more lives than showing potential clients what the media says about you.
  3. Publicity MULTIPLIES!!! Often when you get a story somewhere, it leads to another and another. That’s because the media like to cover things that everybody’s talking about. Not so with an ad! Is anyone ever going to reprint your ad for free? No way!

Right this minute, hundreds of thousands of bloggers, journalists, and producers are looking for stories to write about and people to interview – why shouldn’t they write about YOU?

How would you like to sell something that people absolutely HAD to buy? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s the situation the media are in.

Every single day, they have to “buy” an idea for a story or segment. They’re on deadline. They absolutely MUST have something which will be of interest to their readers. They’re going to “buy” from someone. They’re going to find someone to write about.

All you need to do is to show them why you should be the one they pick today, this week, this month.

ANYONE Can Get Publicity…and I Mean You!

I’ve got some very good news for you.

You have EVERYTHING you need in order to get publicity… RIGHT NOW!

  • You don’t need to have the #1 coaching practice!
  • You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable expert!
  • You don’t need to have written a book (though it can help)!
  • You don’t need to have gotten publicity before!

When you enroll in The Media School for Life Coaches, you’ll hear about one student who didn’t even have a website when she started to get publicity and she was recently featured on Martha Stewart Radio for an hour. What she had was a passion for helping blended families adjust. And that’s what you do need—something of interest to share with their readers/listeners. If you can just show them what you could talk about that would be of interest to their audience, you’ll get booked!

If You Know Enough To Answer People’s Basic Questions about a Challenge you Faced and Overcame, You Have Enough Expertise to Start Getting Publicity

Do you spend some of your time each day giving advice to your clients or answering your prospects’ questions? Then you know enough to start getting publicity.

Maybe you don’t know everything there is to know about your topic. But you certainly know more than the average person.

This morning on my local news, before the network morning show, I saw a story about a personal trainer who had a boot camp that was different because he included coaching and self-esteem in his workouts. How did he get on TV while hundreds of other fitness coaches and trainers didn’t? Because he pitched a feature about getting in shape for bikini season and he had a great visual circuit workout. It’s not that his services are better, but he will get the lion’s share of the new business in his community this week. You could have the same advantage. Next time that story could be about you and your work!

Why am I uniquely qualified to help you attract the publicity to grow your brand and change more lives?

Glad you asked!

Since 1994 I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, spokespeople, authors, and experts actually build their businesses with online marketing. More than 500 people with something to promote have received marketing and communications advice from me and my wonderful staff. You can find the vestiges of my “old life” over at www.nimblecricket.com.

More recently I’ve turned my attention to helping Life Coaches. I’ve helped over a dozen Life Coaches get press in conjunction with their books and other projects. To date, I’ve booked coaches on 7 TV interview shows and 48 radio programs, as well as landing them 12 print articles and mentions on countless websites. I’ve helped people just like you create products, write books, set up websites, and get stories about themselves on TV, radio, and print.

When I work one-on-one with coaches, I charge $2,500 to run a campaign and, as you can imagine, it’s quite labor-intensive, so I can only work with a few at a time. I wanted to find a way to take my approach to getting PR for Life Coaches to more people.

Introducing Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Media School for Life Coaches

So I worked with fellow Life Coach Erika Isler, and she and I created the Media School for Life Coaches. It’s everything you need to start sending your message to millions of people through “Free Advertising” on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and online.

The Media School for Life Coaches can help get you or your business written up anytime, anywhere. It’s like me taking you by the hand, step-by-step, to get publicity for whatever you’re promoting (without the $2,500 price tag!).

Here’s what you’ll get when you register:

  • Templates of what you can write and say to media pros to get free publicity. That’s text that works for coaches, including sample emails, letters, and press releases. You won’t find information on getting publicity so targeted for coaches anywhere else.
  • Actual examples of what to say and do during media interviews so you can maximize sales.
  • Sample press releases and Pitch Letters to the media.
  • Checklist of mistakes to avoid so the media don’t look at you as a total newbie or, worse, get you blacklisted.
  • Proven tactics for getting press that even many professional publicists don’t know.
  • Magic phrases that will unlock the door to producers’ and editors’ hearts when you use them as headlines in your press releases and PR pitches. [Erika used to be a magazine editor and my roommate is a TV producer so these are REAL phrases we know—from first- (and very close second-) hand experience—work.]
  • Exactly what to do to launch your publicity campaign in under an hour!
  • Tips so you don’t get fooled by people you hire to get publicity. Make sure that anyone you ever hire to get you publicity is doing everything possible.
  • Secrets to getting media coverage that works FOR you that very, very few people know!

Enroll in Media School for Life Coaches, complete the coursework, and if you don’t get free publicity that exponentially increases the impact you have on the world in the next year – just send it back for a full refund.

Whether you’re trying to figure out where to start or have already had some nibbles, we’ll walk you through the process so you can get your message out to the world.

Trust us; the world needs your message.

Who will hear your message? How will you feel when you get an email from a stranger saying you changed his or her life?

Your Media School for Life Coaches curriculum includes five recorded 75-minute classes with corresponding homework assignments, essential readings, and special bonus materials:

Five 75-minute audio classes to follow at your own pace. We recommend one a week. Each class is led by Angela Lauria and Erika Isler, your Media School Pros. Each class is accompanied by supporting worksheets and assigned weekly homework to further your understanding of each class. Written transcripts are also included.

This five-week teleclass series will meet you where you are in your coaching business and give you the skills to more effectively promote your practice to media outlets. Erika and I will take you step by step through the process—from “thinking like an editor/producer” to crafting a release to polishing your pitch.

Class 1: What They Really Think—How to start thinking like a media pro.
Class 2: Who Are Your People?—Building your media contacts and relationships.
Class 3: How to Write It—Crafting a pitch and dealing with strikeouts.
Class 4: Media Training—You got the gig, now work it!
Class 5: Leverage Your Position—Using what you get to get more.

Course Materials
The Free Publicity Manual for Life Coaches — This complete, step-by-step guide takes you by the hand, assumes you know nothing about publicity, and gets you up and running in under an hour. I’ve poured in everything I know from more than 16 years of helping people grow their brands and attract media attention. This is not something you’ll need to read cover to cover. After the first few pages, you’ll be up and running, able to skim, find, and implement the techniques to help you meet your publicity goals. This manual will pull back the curtain and reveal secrets that many professional PR pros don’t even know and that anyone can use to get tons of free media exposure.

I’ll show you:
• The best ways to contact the media
• How to build an effective media list for free
• The best ways to send your press releases out
• Instances in which you are better off NOT using a press release
• Actual examples of articles that were written about entrepreneurs—and reveal the “hidden” reasons why the article was written

Press Releases and PR Pitch Letters: 10 Templates for PR Copy That Get You In Print and On the Air — You do NOT have to be a good writer to get the media interested in you. I’ve taken proven press release formats and created fill-in-the-blank templates for you to use. Have a new product you’re launching? There’s a template for that. Want to get on a very specific TV show? Use the TV pitch letter template. Book coming out soon? Check out the book release template. These templates will make writing your press release a snap.

Guide to Killer Hooks & Pegs for Coaches: 100 of the Greatest Publicity Strategies, Hooks, and Headline Formulas — Ever flip through the TV channels and see a TV host say something like “What you don’t know about your drinking water, and how it might kill you…tonight at 11”? That simple phrase is an example of a hook. It’s a teaser which gets the audience to stay tuned through the commercial break. I’ve talked to dozens of producers and editors. Would you like to know what they say is the biggest key to getting on their shows? The answer is to give them the hook. In this Guide, I give you actual fill-in-the-blank templates to create winning hooks. It couldn’t be easier. Maybe, you could pitch the media on “3 Ways ____ Helped a______ with _____ to _____.”

And I’m throwing in some amazing bonuses too!

An Interview with a Major TV Network Producer
Listen to my 90-minute interactive teleclass with a major network producer who has worked on local and national shows. Listen in as she critiques pitches live and learn how producers think and make decisions. You’ll get suggestions for finding producers and what to say once you’ve got their ear. She’ll also teach you how to make sure you are pitching the right person and she’ll tell you what physical attributes producers assess first.

An Extra Hour in the Day: Effective Strategies for Managing and Hiring Virtual Assistants

Media School for Life Coaches is so full of good information that you might feel overwhelmed. But I’ve got good news! You don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to! Just give my kit to a virtual assistant and he or she will be able to follow my step-by-step system to get you publicity throughout the year for a fraction of what a PR firm would charge you. In this bonus you’ll get a recording and a written guide for finding and managing a great virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant to take care of the little things can also free up an extra hour in your day so you can focus on the really important stuff.

A 30-Minute One-On-One Consultation
Want feedback on your press releases and pitch letters? Want an experienced publicity pro to give you guidance on how to implement your first campaign? You’ll get a 30-minute one-on-one consultation via telephone with me or one of the other Media School for Life Coaches professors to review your press materials and develop your strategy (a $250 value!).

So what’s it all worth?
I get paid $250.00 an hour for consulting. My Media School for Life Coaches contains over 100 hours of my best advice, insider strategies, and proven techniques culled over 16 years of experience. So what do you think it’s worth?

Publicists and PR firms typically charge anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 or more, and my system will help you get better results—whether you use it yourself from time to time, have an employee use it, or get a virtual assistant.

I looked at other programs and (while there is no program out there just for coaches like you), I couldn’t find a similar program for under $1,997—so I decided I’d offer the program for HALF of what the competition is charging. I was all set to make the price  just $1,000—but then I had three calls from coaches interested in working with me who said even $1,000 seemed like more than they could afford. So I asked them what sounded reasonable considering the value I was providing. And all 3 had the same answer. It sounded crazy to me because this price is so low, but I don’t believe in coincidences. If all 3 of my prospects had the same number in their head, I figured I’d just make it work.

After all, my motivation is to get the work Life Coaches do into the mainstream, so buying this program and completing these steps will not only help you, it will help me make my life’s dream and vision come true.

The number my clients agreed on was $500—but for good measure I decided to tithe 10% more to the gods, and I’ve set tuition to the Media School for Life Coaches at just $447.

So grab your copy of Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Complete Media School for Life Coaches at over 40% off.

I want you to see for yourself how easy it is to get publicity when you simply create a good hook around what you’re promoting and send it off to the media. That’s what my Media School for Life Coaches will do for you.

My 100% money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose and plenty of media coverage and money to gain!

Here’s my promise to you: Enroll in Media School for Life Coaches and if it doesn’t exponentially increase your impact on the world or if you are unsatisfied for any other reason, then tell me sowithin a year of your purchase – and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That’s how confident I am that you’ll get in print and on the air when you follow my simple process. Don’t forget… just ONE idea, ONE contact, or ONE press release can change everything for you.

I know you didn’t choose a career as a life coach to get rich, but you should be aware that more money is quite likely to be the consequence of doing the work in Media School for Life Coaches. If you are like most of the people I attract as clients, your real goal is to live a deeply authentic life and, in doing so, set an empowering example of what’s possible. I know you are committed to doing everything you can in your time on this planet to make the world a better place and I know you have made sacrifices to make that happen.

Being a Life Coach means you LOVE what you do. You LIVE what you do. It’s not a job, it’s a calling.

Maybe you’re struggling to make enough money doing what you love.

Maybe you wish that if you could just get your message out to more people and attract enough clients, then you’d be so happy—not only would you be doing something you love, but you could also stop worrying about money, and maybe even quit your second job. Well this is your chance. If you’re tired of trying to get speaking engagements and networking your tail off just to get your name out there, then Media School for Life Coaches can take the pain away so you can spend your time doing what you love – coaching!

You are changing the world already, but with the tools given to you in Media School for Life Coaches you can magnify the effect of your work exponentially.

Once you know the tips and tricks I’ve put together in this school, it’s really not that hard. Don’t you owe it to the universe to get your message of hope and healing out there? Imagine how you will feel after opening the 107th email of the day thanking you for your work and explaining to you how your words or techniques took someone to the next level, or maybe even saved someone’s life.

Click here now to give Media School for Life Coaches a try.

Looking forward to seeing you in print and on the air.

Love & Light,

Angela Lauria
Publisher & Publicity Strategist for Life Coaches

P.S. Remember, publicity works better than advertising!

This system costs less than a single ad in almost any newspaper or magazine.

It’s quite possible you’ll get your message to thousands of people the first time you use it and it’s equally possible, if not likely, that just one new client from one session that comes from applying this system will pay back your investment!

Click here to enroll and download all your materials.

Journey Grrrl Publishing’s Media School for Life Coaches


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Meet Your Instructors

Erika Isler, a certified Martha Beck coach, has worked for more than 20 years in the print industry. Her reporting/writing has been published in the New York Daily News, Advertising Age, Folio: Magazine, Western Styles and MagazineWeek. Most recently, she was the editor at State College Magazine, a monthly magazine serving Central Pennsylvania.

A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, she is also currently a lecturer at the College of Communications at The Pennsylvania State University and a freelance writer.

Angela Lauria founded Journey Grrrl Publishing in 2010. A well-respected direct response marketing consultant, Life Coach, and doctor of communications, Angela is an entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in online direct response marketing and Diffusion of Innovation theory. Previously she founded (and continues to operate) Nimble Cricket Communications, an Internet consulting firm established in 1994.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Media & Public Affairs from The George Washington University. In 2004, Angela received a PhD magna cum laude in Communications from the European Graduate School. In 2009, Angela was certified as a Life Coach from The Coaching Academy of North America.


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