Scope and cost:

There are 3 ways in which I work with clients depending on goals and budget:

Option 1:

Hourly rate – There is no contract and I invoice monthly on net 30 terms.


Account Director — $175

Webmaster — $100

Graphic Designer — $75

Admin — $50

Option 2:

Project rate – Sometimes it’s easier for budgeting purposes to have a set rate; if you commit to an entire project, you can get a full project price in advance. Here are some examples. Note that these are sample prices to give you a ballpark—the project rates for your project will be different depending on your needs.

Examples of Flat Rates for Common Projects

Basic website with contact forms, newsletter sign up, and e-commerce integration – $2,500

Branding package and Logo development – $200

Business Cards (including design, printing and 500 cards) – $250

Passive Income Product Creation and Launch – $10,000

Option 3:

PWYC (Pay What You Can) retainer – For some clients who aren’t sure how much they will be able to use my services I offer the option of paying a retainer of your choice—up front—and I offer consulting, strategy, and services as you need them. This works best for my clients who are very DIY and who just need help, guidance, support, and direction from time to time when they get stuck or short-staffed. This same work can be done at an hourly rate as well, but I offer 10% off my rate card when you pay in advance—and for some people it’s easier to budget a retainer then have the mystery of what the monthly bill will be. There is a minimum $2,500 PWYC retainer option. As you come close to hitting the retainer I notify you so if you wish to continue you can refill the retainer or switch to the hourly billing on a net 30 basis.


Please note Journey Grrrl founder Angela Lauria also offers Social Media Coaching at $250/hr