Business Strategy Session

How Ya Gonna Catch that Fish?

Many Life Coaches come to me for help with PR, Social Media, and SEO for their book, product, or coaching practice. I used to say yes to helping them right away. It seemed simple—like when I worked with Lisa.

Lisa and I met at a workshop and she knew I did marketing for Life Coaches. She told me she needed to figure out Twitter and asked if I could create a Twitter account for her and teach her how to maintain it.

I created my 4-week If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Figure Out Twitter? program for Lisa. We met weekly, created an account, set up a campaign, built a following, and started sending out Tweets. I was excited! I was delivering to her everything she’d asked for! I figured I’d sell this package to dozens of other coaches.

So on week 3, I asked Lisa if she was getting what she hoped for. “Um, yes, sure, sort of, I guess,” she said.

I was disappointed. I thought she’d be over the moon.

“Well, I guess I’m just focused on so many things, I am not sure Twitter is where I want to spend my time,” she said. “I’ve got an idea for a new project and so I don’t have the time to dedicate to Twitter anymore—but I feel like I paid you, so I might as well finish up and then I’ll come back to it later,” she explained.

Even though I was giving her everything she asked for, she somehow didn’t want it anymore.

I noticed a trend. This was happening with many coaches. They thought they wanted one thing so they would buy it—but then, before they put that plan into action, they had a new idea.

Immediately I refunded all of Lisa’s money, wished her luck on her new project, and told her I’d be ready when she was.

I also created my Business Strategy Sessions. I require a business strategy session (usually about 90 minutes long) with all my clients. That session is $250 but if you select one of my packages (like the social media packages I just described) it is fully refunded.

If you are sure you want one of my publicity programs, think of the business strategy session as a free bonus—yours to enjoy.

It also gives us an easy out, because if after the strategy session there isn’t a fit to move forward, you still get my advice and final report that you can use however you want.

If you are ready for your business strategy session, sign up today.