Let’s Make Your Book a Bestseller

Imagine walking in to a hotel ballroom, wearing a lanyard with your name and a shiny “speaker” sticker underneath it. As you’re standing at the back of the room, your eyes are on the tall woman at the podium.

In an authoritative voice she announces:

“And now, please put your hands together for our speaker today, best-selling author, [Your Name Here]…”

You walk up to the podium, ready to share your message with an eager audience and even more confident that you can make a major impact on people’s lives, in part because of the credibility you have gained as a Bestselling Author.

We can make this dream come true. You can have a bestselling book. It’s not a cheap or fast process, but it is easy. And if it’s your goal, we can make it happen. The process takes 6 months and costs $6,000. We have a payment plan in which you pay $1,000 a month. If we do not make your book a bestseller on the day of your campaign, we will immediately return all $6,000 in one lump sum. This is the no-risk way to become a bestselling author.

If you are interested in a turning your book into a bestselling book, contact us right away and we’ll walk you through how we make it happen.