Opportunity For Coaches

For coaches, there is almost no better way to write a book. In addition to royalties competitive with the big publishing houses, Journey Grrrl published authors will:

  • Tap into an expanded market of coaching-oriented and interested prospects through the author network
  • Expand email lists, subscribers, and social network members
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing with tools and templates from a marketing-oriented organization
  • Write a book with $0 risk and a proven book model, title, and design.
  • Enhance and expand your brand, strategy, and credibility in your niche
  • Never have to worry about design, layout, or editing so you can focus on your niche.
  • Expand your distribution opportunities due to the nature of the series. We take returns.
  • Provide added value to readers, Facebook fans, and event attendees.
  • Capitalize on the benefits of third party credibility
  • Recruit more clients and raise your hourly billing rate.
  • Benefit from expanded sales with our robust return policy
  • Take advantage of a marketing budget for 2 book launch events

Journey Grrrl Books