Events & DVDs

In addition to the book series, we will create and market an event series in coordination with the authors. Each author will be empowered to host two events to launch his or her book. The first is a book party, and authors will have template evites, emails, and branded giveaways for the book party. It’s expected these will be largely friends/family sorts of events. The second event is a live, 2-day workshop taking 12-24 participants through the book. Becoming Journey will assist with marketing the event, selling tickets, and recording the workshop (both audio only and video) for later sale. Authors will be responsible for finding venues and helping to recruit audiences.

Based on the recordings from the events, we will package and sell DVDs for each book which will include an audio CD with a telecourse on each chapter, an audio copy of the book, and a workbook. We’ll also include an audio CD of the book, the DVDs from the workshop events, and a workbook which will have been developed by the author for the workshops.