The So Smart Series

The “So Smart” holistic how-to series is for anyone who is sick of trying to solve the same problem over and over again. While we target metropolitan-living women 29 to 59, the books will resonate with men and women. Young and old. Urban and suburban. Anyone who is ready to make a change in his or her life—to have a baby, retire, lose weight, start a new career, make a major move, etc.

The books are grounded in the belief that you need practical preparation, knowledge, and confidence to lay the groundwork for success but that true success comes with clear thinking and the elimination (or at least management of) thoughts that are in conflict or essentially turned against one’s self. Journey Grrrl Publishing (and Becoming Journey, LLC) through its books, events and other editorial content, is a vessel to create meaningful change in the lives of our readers who trust us as the final answer to long, often painful problems and will encourage interaction among readers online and at live events.

Our mission is to promote the concept of “thought work” in relation to single, real-life challenges everyone faces at some point in his or her life.

Journey Grrrl Books