3 Trimesters of Birthing a Book

Many people tell me creating their own book is like having a baby, and it’s true. What they don’t know is that actually writing the book is only about one-third of the creation process. Like pregnancy, book creation comes in 3 trimesters.

Here are my 3 trimesters of book creation:

First Trimester – Prepare to Write Your Book

Step 1 – Establish Your Audience:  In this step, we identify problems you solve and find groups of people who have that problem who are willing to pay to have the problem solved.

Step 2 – Define your Message:  A lot of authors THINK they know their message but they use words that resonate with THEM and not with their prospect groups. Once we have completed Step 1, and we know who your target groups are, we need to learn to join the conversation in their head. We do this with blog posts, social media, research, and events and use a testing approach to prove we have defined a message that resonates and makes them say “THAT’S ME! That’s MY PROBLEM! OMG, she has the SOLUTION I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR!!!”

Step 3 – Create MARKETING for a Product that is at least $150 (ideally more):  Step 3 is important, because I make my authors prove they can sell 5-10 copies of a product (before they create it) before they can write a book. For some reason of human nature, I’ve found it’s almost as hard to get people to part with $20 as it is to get them to part with $200. People either want to buy your thing or they don’t; if you are a solving a problem, they’ll pay any price.

Let me give you an example:  Last Sunday, I lost my internet connection in a storm. Every day the phone company was scheduled to come fix it, but they couldn’t seem to do it—they forgot to come, canceled, didn’t have the right equipment, didn’t have access to the box—there was always a reason. Now, my internet costs about $50 a month and that seems fair, but by Thursday I was fed up. I called every high-speed internet service provider in DC. One was able to come out the next day. The cost? $80 a month. It will cost me over $350 more a year and you know what I said? “WHERE DO I SIGN?!?!?” This is what marketing should be like. You need to identify a burning problem like I NEED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY!!!! And satisfy it with a solution that makes people say “WHERE DO I SIGN?!?!”

So in Step 3, we keep writing copy and figuring out the market and the message. We know we have it once we sell a few of these “products.”

My Book Writing 101 (one-on-one) and classes concentrate on the First Trimester of Birthing Your Book.

Second Trimester – Write & Publish Your Book

Step 4 – Now that you’ve sold a product, I have a unique way of using the content you are providing for your product to inform the creation of your book. Your goal in step 2 is to create the product, but to do it in a strategic way that builds demand for the book without wasting your time.

Step 5 – Steps 4 and 5 run in parallel. This is where we work together to write your book. At the end of the second trimester, you have a completed, interrelated book and product.

Step 6 – Create a book-specific website or landing page with giveaways. Make sure you have architected your book to send people to that page to get downloads and giveaways and sign up for your list. If your book is already created, add stickers or blow cards to your book to drive people to the site.

My “If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Write a Book” program and my one-on-one book coaching concentrate on the Second Trimester of Birthing Your Book.

Third Trimester – Promote Your Book

Step 7 – Identify potential joint venture partners who would benefit from promoting your book. Use your book as a business card with those potential partners to get them to sponsor a class or offer a free call or email to help sell your book.

Step 8 – Create a best-seller campaign to make your book a bestseller. This will attract lots of joint venture partners and give you a major credit for getting press.

Step 9 – Create a list of print, web, TV, and radio media sources where you’d like to be featured. Contact one a day with a tailored pitch.

My Media School for Coaches program concentrates on the Third Trimester of Birthing Your Book.

To see how the 3 trimesters can work for you,  schedule a 90 minute Book Strategy Session today!

The strategy session is $250, but if you publish with us, or purchase any of our Book Writing or Publicity Programs, you will be refunded in full.