Our Name

Angela became fascinated with the “Life is a Journey, not a Destination” quote sometime in the early Successories days of the late 1980s. “I always thought of myself as a Journey Girl—someone not content with outcomes but someone who liked to dive into process,” says the Journey Grrrl Publishing founder, “but it wasn’t until I worked with the incomparable Brooke Castillo as a life coach that I fully understand what it meant to be a Journey Girl.”

In 2007, at a weight loss retreat run by Brooke Castillo, Angela started a blog (still active at //becomingjourney.blogspot.com) and it was at that time she paid tribute to her commitment to third wave feminism by giving herself the nom de plume Journey Grrrl.

The spelling of girl with two Rs replacing the vowel was started by feminist punks in the mid-1990s (when Angela was active in the Women’s Studies department at The George Washington University). The revised spelling intimates the  aggression, strength, and self-confidence required to live life with no expectations of a destination. To, as Henry David Thoreau said in his transcendentalist treatise Walden, “Live deep and suck out all of the marrow of life.”

The name Journey Grrrl Publishing is a tribute to those who believe that life is a journey not a destination; those who are committed to living deeply and sucking out all of the marrow of life; and to Patricia Mary Coyle, a literacy volunteer and American hero whose legacy has taught both.

For more about third wave feminism, see this informative Wikipedia entry: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grrrl.