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Angela Lauria

Angela “Journey Grrrl” Lauria
Coaching Academy of North America’s 2011 Empowerment Coach of the Year

I’m Dr. Angela Lauria and I started Journey Grrrl Publishing to help Life Coaches write, publish, and promote their businesses through books, products, and services that make the world a better place.

Our Book Writing and Publicity Programs offer robust and affordable approaches to getting your message out into the world.

We are proud to publish the “So Smart” series. The books, part of the world’s first holistic “How To” guide series, are the flagship product of a suite of media offerings including live events, DVDs, and a subscription-based website.

In addition to publishing the So Smart series, Journey Grrrl offers programs and consulting services to solo entrepreneurs in healing professions. Consulting services include book strategy and execution, publicity, social media coaching, website design, information product launches, passive income strategy & implementation, and lead generation campaign management.

We believe in giving back, so check the free resources as there are many valuable tools for coaches who want to write a book.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Angela about your book or product today.

Here’s what people are saying about Journey Grrrl:

Thanks for being such a great mentor. You are the awesomest! — Cathryn

Thanks for sharing all of your information at the conference. It was incredible and very generous of you. You strike me as the 21st century “go to grrrl!” — Alissa

Your notes are incredibly helpful + awesome! — Amanda

Thank you! I took 4 pages of really good notes! It was so informative. You are truly a guru, Angela! I am so happy that I took part in the class. — Michelle

Thank you for your expert guidance. You have inspired me! — Caroline